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“Your Home is Your Most Precious Asset, Don’t Trust it to Just Anyone…”

“Following these 5 Tips is Your Best Way to Avoid Home Construction Headaches.”


Trusting a stranger to build or renovate your home is a significant source of stress. Caused by lack of control, threats of unknown financial outcomes and fears of uncertainty, these types of stress causers often lead to negative expectations which can compound your anxiety and make matters worse. The solution to defusing your home renovation anxiety is education.


Knowing what to ask prospective contractors will minimize unwanted surprises and help you find a reliable contractor who will give you the confidence that you’ve made the right decision. We call this closing the confidence gap, and this is how you can do it…


“There’s No Minor Details When Building a Home”


References, references, references, every contractor relies on their reputation. Therefore, they should offer to give you multiple references to prove their professionalism and expertise…unfortunately that’s not enough. The references you’re looking for should be at least 3-5 years old. You want to hear from the home owners who have had time to live with their new home or renovation work. Talking to someone who’s been in their house for 3 months isn’t going to help you determine if the work has stood the test of time. You should ask if the house stays warm in the winter, if the plumbing has ever leaked and how effective the venting fans are in the bathrooms and kitchen, and if venting fans seems like a minor detail…it’s not, there are no minor details when building or renovating a home. I don’t live in a sub-standard home and neither will the clients of Dupont construction. Click here to learn more about Dupont construction and the outstanding commercial and residential results we provide for our clients.


“A Confident Contractor may Bend, but they Won’t Break”


A professional contractor is just that – a professional – and with that comes experience and confidence. A significant proportion of a professional home builders business is correcting the mistakes of fly by night contractors. These operators are prone to doing what the client wants because they don’t have enough business to afford to lose a contract. In 35 years of success built on integrity Dupont construction has had to finish many jobs others have started and those clients were thrilled when we did.


Dupont construction has thrived for 35 years in the Ottawa home construction business because of our dedication to quality workmanship and customer service, that’s why building or renovating your office or home is more than just a dollar sign…it’s a matter of pride! Our family’s name is on our business, which means the strength of our professional and personal reputation relies on the satisfaction of our clients. You can’t succeed in one of Canada’s most competitive commercial and residential construction markets for 35 years without the kind of integrity and professionalism that make Dupont Construction unique.

It’s our confidence and experience that will give you peace of mind. Click here to view some of our completed construction projects and discover how our artistic vision can help beautify your home or commercial space. 


“I Don’t do Anything Without a Statement of Work Contract and Neither Should You”


A statement of work contract is one that clearly defines what the contractor is being hired to do. Here’s an example - You have hired a “general” contractor to build your home without agreeing to a contract. As part of your home construction you expect them to install plumbing work, but your contractor doesn’t consider it part of the job. This clash of expectations causes your relationship to become strained. This is a classic example of how stress can send your imagination into a hundred negative directions, especially if your home is incomplete. Without a contract you will have no avenues to pursue a contractor for unfinished work. You will also have to pay someone else to finish or fix their work and may face a penalty from Revenue Canada for hiring someone under the table to try and avoid paying taxes on your construction work.


Dupont construction will never allow you to gamble with your home…when you hire us you’re getting a professional. Our commitment to our own integrity and reputation is how we guarantee you’ll be protected against crippling financial hardship because we do the job right the first time! Our contracted commitment will clearly define what work is being done, the expected cost and a timetable for completion. Click here to learn about the history of Dupont construction and discover why ours is a reputation trusted by thousands.


“Professional Contractors Have a Professional Attitude.”


Professional contractors build their businesses on word of mouth and reputation. They don’t operate our of their basement, or their car and they aren’t do-it –yourselfers with expensive tools. The experts at Dupont construction are residential and commercial contractors by profession. Our company only employs quality individuals, both in terms of their skill and their professional attitude…what is a professional attitude?

►  Shows up for work everyday and on time

►  Patiently listens to your questions and answers them to your satisfaction

►  Addresses you with proper respect befitting your position as the client

►  Doesn’t use improper language on the jobsite

►  Cleans up before they leave and minimizes mess while they work

►  Works to the specifications in their contract even if it takes longer than they agreed to


Click here to get your free estimate from one of our Dupont Construction experts and see for yourself the difference a true professional makes.


“Expensive Materials May Cost More, but they Last Longer and they Keep You Safe”


The choice of building materials is often a clear indicator of the type of contractor you’re dealing with. Some low cost material is perfectly fine, it can be safe and can last a reasonable amount of time relative to the cost. However, some cheap material is flat out dangerous.


That’s why Dupont construction has a simple slogan. It’s one our company has lived by during our 35 years of success in the Ottawa area construction industry - The best materials make the best home…it really is that simple.

Click here to learn more about Dupont Construction artistic designs and discover the secret to a more beautiful home.


“Finding a Contractor You Can Trust is More than Half the Battle”


Now that you’re armed with the information you need to find the contractor to best suit your needs, why not give us a call – we’ll show you the difference the professionals at Dupont Construction can make! 




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